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Real Hoxton Stay-Pressed Trousers Khaki

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Real Hoxton hat mit seinen neuen Stay Pressed Trousers ganze Arbeit geleistet. Kein Modell kommt derzeit näher an die nicht mehr erhältlichen Levis Sta Prest heran. 

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Ever since their launch in the 1960s, the stay-pressed trousers have become a grail of countless subcultures, from the American Ivy League look to the British Mod and Skinhead scenes.

A totem of classic menswear, these trousers became a worldwide smash hit due to their timeless look, permanent crease and most importantly, the fact that they never needed to be ironed.

Over the decades, many have tried to replicate the magic of the stay-pressed trousers, but none have come close; until now.

Several years in the making, Real Hoxton’s take has stayed true to what made the stay-pressed trousers so special. We have followed (and even improved!) the exact curing process. The result: a truly permanent crease, wash after wash.

  • Mid-rise
  • Classic regular fit
  • Straight leg
  • Oven baked for a crisp, permanent crease
  • Original YKK brass zip
  • Side slant pockets + two welted back pockets
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